Monday, May 05, 2014

The spice of Life

Selection of Spices from Spice Voyages: Whole Mace, Gourmet Cloves and Black Pepper. All products from PT Agri Spice are HALAL certified.

 Clove essential oil, Nutmeg essential oil and Patchouli essential oil
Cinnamon Vanilla sugar, Clove Vanilla sugar and Vanilla sugar
 Selection of spice including unusual oblong Nutmeg and Long Pepper
Homemade Chai Tea mix

As I walked  towards the Spice Voyages booth at FHA2014, I heard some ladies calling out my name. In that instant, I was caught between utter surprise and moved by the gentle gesture of friendship expressed by the Spice ladies of PT Agri Spice Indonesia.

I first met these ladies at FHA 2010 when I first bought some of their Green Coffee from various parts of Indonesia. For those who really know coffee, Indonesia coffee is one of the best in the world. This is due to the unique set of God given conditions for growing great coffee, Grown at higher altitudes in rich, fertile volcanic soil in lush shady areas, is there anywhere else in the world where these conditions come together.

Indonesia is located at the Pacific ring of fire where the SEA tropical rain forest is twice as old as the Amazon rain forest. Having roasted the Green coffee from these Spice ladies, my personal opinion is that it is the best in the world, contrary to some marketeers who scoff at the quality of Indonesian coffee.

I usually buy my supply of Vanilla beans from these ladies and they were kind enough to give me some spices which I have put to good use by making Chai Tea,

PT Agri Spice Indonesia
Klaten 57437 PO Box :221
Jawa Tengah Indonesia
(All products are HALAL certified)

Thanks!! Spice Ladies. Looking forward to seeing you again in FHA 2016