Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walnut Gouda Bread

The 40% rye sourdough from the last bake was so flavorful that I was inspired to make more rye bread. It was also a good opportunity to use up some Gouda cheese. For this bake, I made up a rye starter using 500g of Organic Rye flour. I used up the 2kg of Pilsbury Maida which I picked up on my way home on Friday. After making the mistake of using too much water in my last bake, I reduced the hydration this time round to 68%.

The walnuts and cheese were folded in before the bulk fermentation. During the shaping of the loaves, I added in the remaining cheese. I decided on a batard shape as I wanted to cram it in a single bake.

The smell was heavenly and I am looking forward for a bite as soon as they cool down.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

40% Rye Hazelnut Fruit Load

A friend asked me for some sourdough starter recently but I was unable to give him then because I had thrown out my existing culture. I promised to give him some as soon as I have started a new culture.

To test this new culture, I decided to bake some rye fruit and nut bread. I had only some Pilsbury Maida and the remaining organic rye flour. The formula was based loosely on Hamelman's 40% rye sourdough formula.

The loaves turned out a little flat as I included a little more water than the formula called for. Their lack of beauty was compensated by the robust flavor.

I can't wait for the morning to slice it and see how the crumb turn out. Just thinking of the bread with Sarabeth's Blood Orange jam and butter has already got me drooling.