Sunday, February 01, 2009

Levain Baguettes-Shipton mills

I made the starter for these 2 loaves late last night after I had prepared the main dough for 4 poolish baguettes which I had intended to bake after my weekly yoga practice. My thought was that they can continue right after the 4 regular yeasted loaves come out of the oven.

This morning, right after I had mixed the dough for these 2 loaves, I realized that I was running out of time. There was no choice for me as the fridge was full to the brim. The only space left was the freezer and that was where they went. I did this as I was curious if I can still salvage the frozen dough. Thankfully, they recovered although the dough was a little sluggish at first.

Nowadays, I tend to bake the loaves till they reach a reddish tinge similar to the ones made by Anis Boubsa.

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