Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quantity vs quality

I wanted to use up my surplus of wholewheat flour so it was yet another batch of 40% wholewheat again. Being an environmentally conscious person, I have always felt guilty about using all that energy to bake the breads in my large oven. So it was always down to squeezing maximum capacity with minimal preheating of the stone. As a result, my breads have never been baked to its optimum.

I was usually the person consuming the bulk of the bread so the aesthetics of the bread was secondary to me. However, ever since I baked the breads in my friend's place, I have been doing a rethink. There is absolutely no doubt about the joy one gets when a beautiful loaf comes out of the oven. So life is short, why not do the best that is possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom

I would like to email you and have tried your email from your link here but the mail couldn't be sent as it was "failure" in sending.

Is there another email address that I can send to ?

Thank you and Blessings

tomsbread said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for highlighting the problem with my email link. I was not aware of that. Anyway, my email is