Sunday, November 15, 2009

Foccacia with Type 00 flour

After many rounds of the foccacia, I finally got to do the foccacia using the type of flour used in Dan Lepard's demo. The friend who gave it to me told me that it was the last bag at Culina. This was the reason why I couldn't just squander it. It had to take 3 practice bakes before I would contemplate using it. The dough smelled fragrant during the mix and now, I am wondering if it really was the flour that gave the bread that wonderful aroma.

I am really glad to have learnt first hand from Dan how this bread is made. It is a bread that will be welcomed in any party. Given the Singaporean preference for soft bread, it will surely be preferred to the other types of bread that I make.


Bobo said...


Wandered onto your site when googling for bread recipes. Nice blog.

Just wondering where do you get your flour from locally? I only know Phoon Huat.

- Bobo

tomsbread said...

Hi Bobo,

I use Prima flour predominantly. I get gifts of flour from friends occasionally. I like to do flour tests for the fun of it.