Sunday, December 23, 2012

 Completed Brotform compared to one ordered from Birnbaum (pale one). I made mine from red cane.
 My oval brotform was way too large. I made it from looking at pictures on the net.
 Another view
 Another view
 yet another view
 Completed Brotform
 Cane is nailed after bending in the heat of a heat-gun
The cane is soaked in water for a day to make them pliable.


I get occasional email queries from fellow bakers about the ring patterns in some of my bread. In the early days of my bread making adventures, I too, had wondered where those patterns came from. I found out eventually that they came off special proofing baskets called Brotforms.

Back then, it was not possible to find them in Singapore so I tried making my own. The pictures above were salvaged from an old blog which I fear will shut down one day and the postings there will vaporise. This posting was promted by a query that I had read in my favorite bread forum The Fresh Loaf. It stirred back fond memories of the fun I had while making my own Brotforms. I hope it will help fellow bakers gung-ho enough to make their own.

Brotforms can also be ordered online from

The link to my original posting in Angelfire

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