Sunday, November 11, 2012


My attempt at the Tartine loaf was not successful. Athough the bread was very delicious, it did not resemble the original Tartine bread in any way. The process was the same although the ambient temperature may be slightly different. I used a flour quite similar to T55 but as I had run out of WW flour, I make do with some Atta that I had on hand. This Atta had more of the bran sifted out so it looked almost like white flour. However, the main difference was the method of baking.

The method recommended by Chad was to bake the bread in a Dutch oven and perhaps I will try that in my next attempt. Meanwhile I console myself with my version of the ultimate Kaya Toast, made with homemade Tartine sourdough bread, homemade kaya, chunks of French Normandy butter and home-roasted Sulawesi Toroja coffee.

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