Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Le Grenier a Pain baguettes- First replication attempt

It's my first attempt at recreating the baguette which I had bought last Sunday. It was supposed to be the most authentic Parisian baguette to hit our shores. If that is true, it will be the second time that I have eaten authentic French bread. The first time was a Poilane miche which retails for $50 a loaf here in Singapore. I must confess to being terribly disappointed when the staff at the cafe told me that there were no more loaves available but they still had slices of it which they serve for lunch. I had an over toasted slice there for lunch. It did not leave an impression, probably because it was pass its prime.

Now that Michel Galloyer has open a boulangerie here in Singapore, it was a good chance for me to taste some real French bread. Unfortunately, although I could see him in the shop, I did not have a chance to talk to him. I was wondering if the bread was parbaked in France and airflown here or did they have a bakery somewhere else. If so, was it local flour that they were using or were they using French flour. So many questions and no answers.

Anyway, after eating the baguette, I was really inspired to replicate it. I can only guess that the hydration was slightly higher than the ones I bake typically. Although the hydration was relatively high, the results were not too bad when they came out of the oven. The baguettes at Le Grenier were matt and they were definitely baked on a stone. Personally, I prefer a redder hue with a shine as I think that is more attractive. Anyway, that was not the characteristic that I was trying to replicate. It was the crumb that I was after and I'd have to know that only tomorrow morning.

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