Friday, March 27, 2009

One more attempt

Ever since I embarked on a baguette quest, I have been telling myself to get a flip board. At first, I thought that my baguette peels could do the job but unfortunately, they have their limitations.  A friend mentioned using the planks from wine cases but since that is difficult for me to get, I thought of using Balsa wood from Art Friend. However, since this is definitely not food grade,  I settled for one made of Aluminum. I walked over to the metal workshop near my work place and asked the boss for a scrap piece. The kind gentleman charged me a mere $2 for a 70x10cm plank. It was put to good use for this morning's bake. It made the transfer so much easier.

For this second attempt at Le Grenier baguette, I used a 75% hydration dough. I realised that my previous bake was a little over-proofed. This time round, I resolved to do it right and was rewarded with a better grigne. I couldn't wait to see the crumb and as soon as it was sufficiently cooled, I sliced open one of them and found the crumb to be very holey despite the fact that it was baked without a baking stone.

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